In-office video assisted eye exams use new optical software technology to conduct comprehensive eye exams by a licensed Optometrist through a high-definition video conference.  The exam is conducted at Chili Vision Group in-office with remote operation of optical equipment in our state- of -the -art exam room.  The patient will see the Optometrist in real time and communicate with them live.  This real time engagement replicates a traditional face to face appointment lasting an average of less than 30 minutes.  Results of the exam, including prescriptions, referrals and follow-up information, are delivered to the patient and printed locally immediately following the exam.


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 1. When you arrive at Chili Vision Group, you will be assisted by a local technician in entering your medical history into a device (tablet, laptop or desktop computer).  This information gets uploaded and reviewed by the remote Optometrist you will see.

2. The remote technician will perform Pretesting.  Pretesting involves several vision tests including:

  • Autorefraction- Used to get an estimate of your eyeglass prescription.
  • Ancillary Test- captures videos of the pupil, cover/uncover, and extraocular muscle to see pupil reaction and eye muscle movement.
  • Non-Contact Tonometry- Measures fluid pressure in your eye.
  • Retinal Imaging- Takes detailed images of the back of the eye/retina, and allows you to see the overall health of your eye.  It detects and monitors glaucoma, macular degeneration, and high blood pressure.
  • Anterior Segment Video- Examines the structures at the front of the eyes (cornea, conjunctiva, lens, lid margin, etc.) using a video slit lamp to detect eye disease.
  • Lensometry- Verifies the prescription of current eyeglasses to determine how your vision has changed.


These tests are used to produce high-definition images of your eyes to help your on-screen Optometrist provide the optimal prescription for you.  You will then be escorted to our state of the art exam room for your eye examination.

3. Once you are in the exam room, your local technician will set up the phoropter and guide you through any additional instructions.  A remote technician will appear on screen and perform a complete subjective refraction.  This determines the refractive correction you need in the form of glasses or contact lenses.

4. Data received from the pre-tests and subjective refraction is then reviewed by your Optometrist.  Your Optometrist will communicate the findings of your ocular health and test results and answer any questions you may have. 

5. The Optometrist will finalize your prescription, share a referral, or give follow-up instructions based on the results of your exam, the same as an in-person appointment.

6. Your eyeglass and/or contact lens prescriptions are immediately printed by your local technician and given to you as the exam is complete.

7. When you exit the exam room, you will be guided to the optical gallery to purchase prescription eyewear or contact lenses.


Benefits of In-Office Video Assisted Eye Exam

Digital eye exams provide better accessibility and convenience to the patient scheduling experience while maintaining the same accuracy and quality of care that the patient would receive during a traditional eye exam.

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